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  • It really is a Jungle out there

    At the heart of all business and innovation is knowledge. Jungle Strategy is committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise to explore ways to creatively conquer the Jungle with you. We partner with our clients to generate new ideas, commercialise opportunities, identify competitive advantage and create winning strategic growth. We reimagine business!

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  • Jungle Strategy – Innovation Alchemists

    We are your guides for your innovation journey through the Jungle. It’s our our job to work with you to reimagine your business, unleash your innovative potential and navigate your preferred commercial pathway. Let’s turn your ideas into commercial reality!

    As Innovation Alchemists, we blend knowledge, opportunity and mojo to unleash innovative potential. We partner with you – or we do it for you – your choice

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  • Commercialisation

    The path to commercialisation often seems impossible. Navigate your way from concept to completion with our Jungle 5Cs process. We’ll guide you on the journey


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    Reimagining business

    So it’s always been done that way? We challenge you to think differently. Conquer the Jungle. Think what if… tap into fresh ideas – reimagine your business


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    Growth partnerships

    Funding growth, sharing knowledge and facilitated partnering for mutual benefit is a strategic move. Beat the odds – increase  partnership success rate




  • How often do you take a flight without knowing your destination?

    Get clear on where your innovation is heading

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  • Do you know what happens with all your great ideas and inventions?

    Is your business playing innovation roulette?


  • Is your message to your team and your market really getting heard?

    Rapidly engage your people and your customers

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Clients we typically work with

  • Innovators


    Whether you’ve come up with an invention, a great idea that you need to develop, or your business needs to harness innovation, Jungle Strategy works with you to establish your best commercial pathway. We connect with the right people to protect your investment and work to achieve your goals.

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    Most entrepreneurial thinkers have the ability to find opportunities that others don’t see or believe to be impossible. This is how we think! We work with entrepreneurs to shape and seize these opportunities and create rapid strategies to turn them into commercial reality.



    Owners or leaders of small to medium enterprises (SMEs) know that business as usual can be your worst enemy. Jungle Strategy partners with you to focus on high-value growth and innovation strategies to harness the innovative potential of exisiting business.

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    At some point, every business owner has been a start-up! We get that at times, it’s hard to know where to start.
    That’s where Jungle Strategy steps in – we provide cost-effective knowledge and support to partner your commercial journey.



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