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    • About Jungle Strategy

      Jungle Strategy is a collective of Innovation Alchemists.

      Based in New Zealand, our company is focused on delivering innovation and commercialisation guidance (advisory and coaching) for start-up ventures and small to medium businesses. We’re committed to sharing know-how and expertise that creates genuine high value for the clients we engage with. We believe we have a responsibility to ensure that knowledge we share is practical, valuable and instantly usable.

      Our core product ranges cover innovation, ideation and commercialisation, driven by strategy, execution and communication. We work on 5 key facets for your business innovation: your resources, your product/service/concept, your potential market, your potential customers and your opportunities. We also developed the Power Growth Partnerships™ model for innovation growth.

      We partner with each client to create a tailored solution to ensure they receive maximum value and where required, we source partner providers to meet those needs. We deliver know-how through workshops and content, both online and face to face. We also do keynote speaking engagements and guest facilitation in webinars.

      We love entrepreneurial thinkers, thrive on commercial opportunities and relish the challenge of reimagining business and unleashing innovative potential!

      Meet the Jungle Collective    How we connect in the Jungle

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    Innovation Alchemists

    Blending knowledge, opportunity and mojo to unleash innovative potential


Our Jungle DNA


Our Core Purpose

To unleash innovative potential


Our Core Values


  • Define the ‘WHY’

    We listen to understand, ask the right questions, hear what’s not being said and walk in our client shoes and ask ‘what else?

    Walk the Talk

    We own it, make it happen, deliver on promise, do what we say with the right attitude, lead by example, value our people, tell it like it is, speak the truth (straight talk with sprinkles!) and check our own mirrors.

  • Shoot for the Stars

    We live it, create the WOW, go above and beyond, stand out, lead the way, show our passion, use our mojo, love what we do and be exceptional

    Be Generous

    We share our knowledge, reciprocate, do the right thing for the right people in the right way, consider the impact, live our values, give back, be true and provide opportunity to those less fortunate.

  • Alchemojo™

    Blending our mojo to transform, create, or combine the ordinary into something of great value

    We are always learning, expect the unexpected, see the opportunities, push the boundaries, learn from failure, see infinite choice, have open minds, connect the dots, see the big picture, partner up and unleash the potential.

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