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  • The Innovation Jungle

    Coming up with a great idea or an invention is the easy part. The real challenge is to shape it into a commercial reality.

    Commercialisation is the process of introducing a new product, service or methodology into the market. Identifying the product-market fit and discovering genuine need or advantage can be a little like a game of snakes and ladders, with gains made often offset by having to reassess and take a different path.

    Our Jungle Team has a wealth of experience in guiding our customers through the challenges of a commercialisation process. We focus on unleashing your innovative potential to bring your ideas and inventions to life.

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  • Manage Innovation

    Pro-actively managing innovation will ensure your ideas and inventions are not lost in the Jungle. From an incremental improvement through to a disruptive innovation, the path to commercial reality is a challenging one.

    We guide you along the commercialisation pathway. We clearly explain the processes and options available to you and work with you to establish the best fit with your business. We help to identify and define risk and mitigation associated with new technology and product commercialisation.

    From integrating your innovation into an existing business to establishing a completely new entity, the complexities for achieving commercial reality, require an agile strategy and focused execution to be successful.

    Our first step is to work with you to evaluate your innovation and analyse the potential commercial opportunities Applying a series of tools and models designed specifically for innovation commercialisation, we partner to ensure your go or no-go points are clearly defined and you manage your decisions and progress accordingly.

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  • Your Jungle IP

    Your ideas, inventions and research are the basis of your Intellectual Property (IP). Identifying the components of your IP and selecting the best course of action to protect your innovation is crucial. Knowing when to secure a patent, or perhaps use a trade secret, along with understanding the implications of the patent landscape surrounding your innovation (your freedom to operate) will impact your path to commercial reality.

    Make sure you are the one to gain from your ideas.

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  • Create Value

    Creating maximum value from your innovation can mean a diverse range of strategies and measures to counter potential risk. As a part of this phase, our Jungle Team use the Jungle Strategic Growth Map to capture direction and allow rapid pivoting and flexibility to adapt to rapidly evolving development and markets. We work with you to explore options such as sale, licensing, direct investment or partnering based on your competitive landscape. We can work with you to identify funding and investment opportunity.

    Understanding the financial viability of your innovation is crucial.

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