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  • Demystify Jungle communication!

    Is your audience really hearing the same message that you think you are sending? Make sure your message is heard and understood loud and clear out there in the Jungle.

    To be an effective communicator in the Jungle, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your intended audience. You need to craft your messaging in a way that ensures the recipients understand and more importantly, pay attention to it.

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  • Know your Jungle Audience

    How do they want to receive information? What will switch them off listening? How can you be certain they got and took the action you intended from the message? What will get them saying ‘that’s what I need’?

    Researching and testing the market is a huge part of successful commercialisation. In order to get your audience to take action, they must feel that the value and benefits they will get, outweigh the price they must pay for your product or service.

    Our customers know that one message will not serve their total market. They understand the need to create their messaging so it is targeted to deliver information in the basic way each person needs to access it. This is based around the FinxS profiling preferences and is proven to increase action and build rapid rapport with customers.

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  • Presenting to the Jungle

    To deliver your message with credibility and confidence takes expertise. The 13 Box System developed by Eugene Moreau, is the framework we recommend to develop EPIC communications in the Jungle. This core of this framework is the ability to Engage, Persuade, Impact and Compel.

    From presentations to pitches, training to sales, or communication to market, our Jungle Team use this framework to help you craft your messaging. We then use the Eugene Moreau workshops to hone your presentation skills to ensure that you become an EPIC communicator.

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