Connect the Jungle 


Connecting the Jungle

As your guides in the Jungle, it’s very important to us that we work in the way that best suits you and your journey . While pigeons, smoke signals and flying foxes have their place – we try to embrace technology!

Our experience shows that every business requires flexibility and rapid adaptation when innovating, and we work to suit that.

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Ways we connect


  • one-to-one

    One to one

    Working with single companies, or their business owners, team leaders and individuals, we work one to one (Jungle Strategy and your company) to deliver our services. This is our more popular solution and can be either face-to face or virtual.

  • One-to-many-2

    One to many

    To fill a niche in the market, we have developed our capability to successfully deliver on a one to many basis for our workshops. This offers a cost sharing option for smaller businesses where up to 6 companies can participate in a workshop. We retain all confidentiality through the use of breakout rooms and industry segmentation – you only share what you choose to.

  • Connected


    Building on the experience of our Jungle Alchemists in delivering in the virtual world, we now offer our services anywhere, anytime online to suit you. We use a variety of tools to achieve this – all you and your team need is internet access and a connected device!

  • Partners

    We practice what we preach and are happy to consider strategic innovation and growth partnerships. We have several in place but we’re always happy to delve further into the Jungle!

How can we work with you?

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