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  • Jungle Knowledge

    There is one real underlying truth out there in the Jungle, and that is knowledge only has value if you use it!

    We see many businesses that spend a great deal of money on capturing and creating knowledge which sits largely unused rather than put to good use. If knowledge accumulated is not of high value internally to an organisation, there could be potential to create value through sharing or selling that knowledge externally.

    That’s where our Jungle Strategy Team comes in!

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  • Managing Knowledge

    Pro-actively managing knowledge can be as simple as capturing basic internal know-how, or a more complex strategy to create new knowledge through research and development or acquisition.

    Knowledge can include experience gained in the market about you’re your products or services, your customers and your industry through to knowledge about your competitors. The key to making the most of knowledge is in having an adaptive strategy and process, and being clear on how or why you will capture and reuse this.

    Develop a knowledge strategy specifically for your organisation. Understand where your organisational knowledge sits with our Knowledge Analysis based around our Jungle Forces of Knowledge model.

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  • Capturing and Sharing Knowledge

    The first goal of Jungle knowledge is to ensure that you are effectively capturing the knowledge and expertise of your team. Every day, businesses lose high value knowledge through staff leaving their jobs and taking what they know with them. Often they move on to work with competitor companies – how are you protecting yourself?

    Sharing through experience and using stories to illustrate and build expertise can also be implemented as part of your strategy. Remember to use your knowledge networks!

    Collaborative innovation is based on the concept of knowledge sharing – a Win-Win concept. So often, employees and experts are valued for what they know – rather than what they are willing to share. This creates a situation where sharing of knowledge is perceived to be undermining value and leads to distrust and a silo mentality.

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  • Using Knowledge

    Reuse knowledge you’ve worked hard to accumulate – don’t reinvent the wheel!

    Use technology to host your knowledge and make it accessible to your teams and customers as appropriate. Incentivise staff and networks to share knowledge and stories and contribute to your knowledge base.

    Most of all, ensure you have measures in place to protect your knowledge against theft or oversharing. Be certain that contracts and agreements clearly detail who retains ownership of knowledge.

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Knowledge has value if you use it