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  • Behavioural Profiling

    Extended DISC (eDISC) is an online, self-assessed behavioural inventory that describes a person’s natural and learned behavioural styles. eDISC is not a ‘personality’ test. The platform developed to deliver additional assessments such as 360 is FinxS

    The analysis does not give high or low scores or in any other way classify people into ‘better’ or ‘worse’ or measure intelligence, professional skills or attitudes.

    Instead, it gives accurate data on which behavioural styles someone consciously and unconsciously displays. It does not limit a person’s ability to develop and change. The report also assists with in-depth understanding of communication styles and predicted behaviours under pressure environments.

    The Extended DISC model has proven statistical reliability and validity and has been successfully used in hundreds of organisations worldwide since 1994.

  • FinxS Accredited Consultant Web

    Extended DISC Accredited Consultant Web

  • Using FinxS (eDISC)

    Our Jungle Strategy team has many years experience using behavioural profiles. We are accredited consultants for FinxS (Extended DISC).

    eDISC is an extremely powerful tool in optimising communication and cementing customer engagement.

    The Jungle Strategy team use eDISC and FinxS in our suite of tools to enhance individual performance, team communication, leadership development, and in generating growth partnerships and negotiating mergers or acquisitions amongst many other things!

    If you would like to understand more about eDISC or FinxS, please ask us.

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Most requested reports

We can provide a variety of eDISC reports – these are the most popular ones

  • LabelsPurpleIndividual

    Individual Profiles

    Each individual profile generates a comprehensive personal report that maps against 160 recognised behavioural styles and over 1000 competencies. This is a fantastic tool to assist understanding the way we communicate and predicting potential behaviours under pressure situations. These individual reports are a key component of our Jungle Vine team communication and Jungle Beat customer workshops. One of our Jungle Strategy accredited consultants debrief each report with the individual.

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  • LabelsBlueTeam

    Team Reports

    Combining the data from individual reports, the team report is a valuable tool for understanding team communication.This report shows the team dynamics, the strengths and development areas of the team, and illustrates how the team members are adjusting their behaviors in the existing work environment.

    From CEOs to front line employees, the eDISC Team Analysis is a powerful tool that has many applications and yet is so easy to use and understand.

    Team Analysis provides a clear, easy-to-use framework to understand complex issues quickly, to solve problems and to improve performance. It also presents a safe environment to discuss challenging topics productively. Team Analysis provides the big picture that enables decisions to be made with confidence.

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  • LabelsGreenJOb

    Position Reports

    The information provided from Individual Reports can be used to generate customised position specific reports. With over 1000 competencies referenced with 160 behavioural styles, these reports deliver valuable information for specific role requirements  e.g. Sales, Management, Customer Service, Training etc. Jungle Strategy works with each client to understand the key requirements of a role in order to build the most appropriate report. We can also provide a Work Pair Analysis for specific roles.

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