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  • Why choose a Jungle workshop

    Running a workshop or training session for your team is a great way to share, capture and generate new knowledge. This is an effective way to share knowledge in a consistent and creative way to a group of people. From a culture perspective, a successful workshop can be a key tool to engage your team and explore future pathways.

    Designed to inform and motivate, our Jungle workshops create an interactive environment to allow innovative ideas to flow through from every person present. We set agreed outcomes and actions to ensure your and your team follow through with the execution as well.  Everyone leaves on the same path heading in the same direction. Our clients are able to tailor the Jungle workshops to work best for them!

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How it works in the Jungle

Our Jungle Strategy team are skilled in facilitating workshops for our clients. We partner with you to develop workshops to best fit your needs. We meet with every client (face to face or virtually) to discuss what you would like to achieve and develop this into relevant and meaningful tailored workshop as appropriate.

From Jungle GPS to Jungle DNA, we have several workshops that are requested regularly and delivered face to face or online. The most requested Jungle workshops are listed below – feel free to book one of these workshops and then we can discuss tailoring each solution as required.

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Most frequently requested

Here are our current top 3 workshops

  • labelspurplegps2

    Jungle GPS

    When do you board a plane without knowing your destination? How do you know what you’ll need or what might be there when you land?

    Every innovative business should have a clear idea of it’s direction (a vision) and know what resources and markets will be required to achieve the desired goals (clear strategies).

    This workshop is designed to help you create a Jungle Strategic Growth Map with clearly defined execution points to guide your business into the future.

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  • labelsgreenideation

    Jungle Ideation

    Where do ideas come from? How do we come up with new concepts? While the answer to that is infinite, an ideation workshop is a great way to get a group involved in the process. Based loosely around design thinking, we lead you through a process to ideate and explore a raft of possibilities.

    Challenging the status quo and getting creativity flowing, this workshop is designed to ignite ideas. We work with you to identify and select the potential innovation paths you prefer to follow and the next steps required in the process.

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  • labelsblueroulette

    Innovation Roulette

    Are you playing innovation roulette? Is your innovation strategy hit or miss? Prevent great ideas and innovation walking out the door with your employees. Create a culture of innovation within your organisation.

    Learn ways to protect your intellectual property and foster a culture that contributes to your innovation growth. Get clear on ‘who owns what’ and how to share in successes.

    This workshop is designed to help you set the foundations for an innovative culture.

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Additional Jungle Workshops

These are a selection of other workshops from the Jungle

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  • labelspurpledna

    Jungle DNA

    The foundation of the culture within your business is your DNA. These are the ‘rules for behaviour’, the guiding principles. This workshop leads your business through a process to define your core ideology – the DNA. We cover your Core Values, Core Purpose and BIG Picture long term Vision.

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  • Power Growth Partnerships™

    Identify ways to leverage strategic partnerships to generate mutual growth targets and defined parameters of partnership operation. Based around the Jungle GPS concept, this workshop is run having 2 or more partner organisations in each workshop to work toward defined future benefit.

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  • labelsblue13box

    EPIC Presentations

    Jungle Strategy is proud to represent the 13 Box Presentation System developed by Eugene Moreau. This EPIC Presentation System has been successfully implemented over many years by global C-Suite executives to guide them to create and deliver presentations and pitches that wow. From Bootcamp through to Master – we have a level to suit!

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  • labelsgreencomms

    Jungle Beat

    Based around the FinxS Profiling, this workshop is designed to get your selected group of people communicating more effectively and with more impact in the Jungle. Gain insight into how to rapidly engage your customers to build trust and create winning outcomes.

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