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  • power growth partnerships™ – innovative thinking

    Jungle Strategy advocates growth through strategic partnerships to secure next level development. Selectively identifying and collaborating with organisations who are able to provide the expertise, knowledge and outcomes you need, delivers mutual benefit. Reimagine your growth strategies.

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  • To go fast, go alone.


    To go far, go together.


    African Proverb

  • Make partnerships work

    power growth partnerships™ are established for many reasons.

    From collaborating to reduce capital investment requirements to defining longer term supplier agreements; from developing or commercialising IP to acquiring and creating new specialist knowledge; or from expanding production to reaching new markets.

    power growth partnership™ provides an agreed strategic pathway for the execution of collaborative business growth for all partners. The more clearly defined the parameters of a partnership, the greater the likelihood of a successful venture.

    In working to define partner agreements, we assess expectations and requirements of each partner, evaluate resources, goals and targets, and define an executable strategy for the partnership. We incorporate potential risks and define problem resolution and clear exit processes. Jungle Strategy manages the partnership with you.

    We ensure power growth partnerships™ work for you.

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Successful Partnerships

Historically, traditional business partnerships have demonstrated a dismal failure rate due to many factors such as poorly defined strategies, single party dominance, lack of trust and lack of dedicated resources.

Jungle Strategy has developed our own winning formula for power growth partnerships™. We focus on the factors that influence successful growth partnerships:

  • •    potential partner search, evaluation and selection

    •    protection and use of IP

    •    contractual negotiation and agreement

  • •  facilitated strategy and planning

    •  setting mutual targets and KPIs

    •  pro-active partnership management

Successful outcomes for all power growth partnerships™ is driven through third party facilitation.

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