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  • What we do in the Jungle

    We’re your guides to Conquer the Jungle!

    Our Jungle Collective work with clients to guide them in reimagining business or commercialising new opportunity. Our clients are able to select from a variety of Jungle Strategy products and services. These range from tailored advisory and coaching through to a series of regularly run ‘off the shelf’ workshops. We underpin our work with our Jungle 5C model for innovation process.

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The Jungle 5C Model

From concept through to completion we apply our 5Cs model to guide you through the innovation Jungle

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    Bring ideas and inventions to life! Explore ways to unleash your innovative potential. Generate unique concepts to reimagine your business or apply your innovation.

    Harness the power of a Jungle Ideation Workshop

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    Know what you know and define what you don’t know! Capture and leverage the knowledge of your team and your experts to generate new knowledge.

    Create a growth map for your innovation with a Jungle GPS Workshop

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    Spark conversations. Engage your network. Share knowledge and expertise. Acquire skills you need to move your innovation ahead.

    Create a culture of innovation and avoid playing Innovation Roulette.

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    Turn innovation into reality. Confidently navigate the commercialisation process. Protect and leverage your IP. Negotiate commercial agreements and secure investment.

    Explore Power Growth Partnerships™

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    Take your product to market. Tell the world. Make your message heard!

    Use FinxS profiling to rapidly connect with your team and customers.

    Create compelling presentations to pitch and sell your innovation. Become EPIC


Jungle Focus

Here’s what we typically use the 5Cs model for

  • Commercialise

  • communication2

    Reimagine business

  • people

    Growth partnerships

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